How i can reset password in customized reset password page from universal login?

Hi Auth0 team.
We’ve just started using your product, and so far it’s amazing.
But i have a question regrading to reset password flow.
We’re using universal login with custom styling and we want to customize reset page too.
But can we reset password without widget? because it’s hard to customize widget, so i’ve write custom html and js

Hi @a.verkhovod

You can customize the widget - there are many options.
You can also reset the password without the widget, though that is much more effort.
A little digging will find the docs that will help with this, I think you can do it with the management API. There may be a better way.


thanks @john.gateley for the quick response.
I did it with the management API, and it works well.
For someone who are tying to reset password using custom layout you can do it in this way:'', {
      _csrf: this.csrf.value,
      ticket: this.ticket.value,
      newPassword: values.password,
      confirmNewPassword: values.password,
        <input type="hidden" name="_csrf" value="{{csrf_token}}" ref={node => this.csrf = node} />
        <input type="hidden" name="ticket" value="{{ticket}}" ref={node => this.ticket = node} />
        <input type="hidden" name="email" value="{{email}}" ref={node => = node} />

But i faced with another problem.
When the user click on expired link, or used link, i still see the widget

Why do i see it? because i don’t use widget any more.
Is there are some options to customize it? or maybe redirect user somehow?