Custom Password Reset Page / Custom Link on Password Reset Email

Hey there! We’re trying to integrate our Reset Password page with Auth0. We’re able to reset a user’s password using the Management API although we still need the user_id. We’re hoping this user_id or at least the user’s email can be added to the link the user receives in the change password email. Is there a way to edit the link that is sent to a user in a change password email?

If not, how can we avoid sending the user to Auth0’s hosted password reset page and send them to our own reset page instead?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi @van

The password reset process is customizable, all the way from simple mods to templates to fully taking over the process with your own app.

The password reset link (it is called a ticket) can be generated via the management API. While you should not parse this ticket, you can append URL parameters to it. So you could add and email or user ID to the link.

Or you can implement your own password reset page (not recommended as you have to take care with the password hygiene), and generate your own “ticket” linking to that page instead of the Auth0 page.


Thanks for your reply @john.gateley

The only way to customize it is by tweaking the HTML in the Branding > Universal Login > Password Reset section? We already built the view using React, so we’d have to convert all of that into plain HTML and then make the request to the Auth0 API ourselves?

That’s the only solution we see at the moment. Is this the way to go? Or would you recommend a different approach? Thanks!

When creating your own password reset page, would you then reset the password using the management api on the backend or is there another api route that would do that?