Reset password custom page

I am using Custom password reset page for custom database. In auth-js we are having change password functionality to trigger a reset password link. when user click on reset password link which function, we need to call after this. so that it will be triggered change password script.

Hi @tharunnath , welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

Does the part of making Auth0 to send a password resent link works for you?

Once a user click on the link, are they presented with an Auth0-hosted reset password page or you intend to build your own?

Password Reset link works perfectly.
I am intended to create own reset password page.

Hi @tharunnath ,

There is an example html of custom password reset page you can make use of - GitHub - auth0/auth0-custom-password-reset-hosted-page: An example on how to do a custom reset password hosted page.

Please let me know if that helps!

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