Password Reset Page Broken

Our password reset page seems to be broken. We are using the default Auth0 password reset page. The error says “An error occurred. There appears to be a misconfiguration in the form.”.

Here is the console log output:

change-password-1.5.min.js:10 Uncaught Error: The following attributes are missing: password_policy
at new a (change-password-1.5.min.js:10)
at reset?ticket=aBRx6JLSLbanZNXQnbLR9krjGVkepDgP:27

Here is an example reset url:

Here is an example screenshot:

We ended up fixing it by enabling Customize Password Reset Page in Hosted Pages, then changing the password_policy line from:

password_policy: ‘{{password_policy}}’,


password_policy: null,

Then we disabled Customize Password Reset Page again.


It works! Thanks a lot!

Just wondering about possible side effect of changing password_policy from {{password_policy}} to null. I don’t know any, but just concerned.

Changing password page used to work without any change before. And now all of sudden, it didn’t work.

Thank you for posting your solution. We were able to get our password page up and running again thanks to this post.

I would like further information from the Auth0 team as to why this broke and why this change is now necessary.

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Hi Auth0 folks – can you please let us know what’s happening with this broken process? Thanks!

I have fixed it for my application by going to “Connections” in the dashboard, then “Database”, then click the little Shield icon with “Password Policy”. There, I have set the password strength slider to a non-zero value and saved. It started working after that.