Auth0 reset password issue

Hello everyone, once I am receiving my reset password email with link, I am not able to reset password after my one time wrong input “confirm password and new password”. when I try to input new password which match together auth0 returns error the link can be used only once . Who can explain how can I bypass this that after wrong password input allow user to write a correct one ?


Welcome to the Auth0 Community Forum!

Are you clicking the link a second time? Each link can only be used once.

Let me know.


No I am clicking one time, after click it redirects me to the reset password page, when I submit passwords which does not match, auth0 return error that passwords does not match. after correcting it I am trying to submit request one more time but it returns the link can be used only once ? some strange behavior.


Can you please DM me a HAR file of the entire transaction so I can investigate further?