Database user can only log in once

I am not sure what the problem is but I have an application set up that is calling .authorize() from the auth0-js library.

I created a user called “”. I am able to login with that user once and then log out. After that if I try to log in again, it is not possible until I delete and recreate the user.

Note, I am still able to login via the “Try Connection” panel.

I have also noticed some sporadic behavior in the Auth0 Users section of the control panel where I tried to change a password and it reported that the username/email was not provided. There were other issues too. (I also tried changing a user email to “verified” and got the error message “Forbidden”, followed by it working perfectly on a second try.)

I checked here and there does not seem to be any issues.

Since this is my first time trying to set this up, I am wondering if i am doing something incorrectly here.

I will note this issue with the only being able to log in once seems to not be happening at the moment (it was happening just about an hour ago consistently). So, maybe it really was just an Auth0 backend issue. Did anyone else notice anything like that?

Hey there @jeff.peck, I apologize for the delay in response. When you get a chance can you send me your tenant name in a direct message so I can take a look at what may be going on? I would also recommend snagging a HAR file of the second login attempt with the previously good credentials. This enables us to follow the login flow and see where the breakdown may be. Once you obtain a HAR file please direct message that over to me and I can take a look at it from there and see what I find. Thank you!

Thanks @James.Morrison.

The issue seems to have resolved itself, as I have not been able to repeat it since posting this.

I am still wondering if there was a noted issue at the time that I posted this, but otherwise it is ok to mark this as “resolved”.

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Sounds like a plan Jeff. I will continue to keep the topic open for another two weeks just in case it reappears so we can further troubleshoot the issue. Have a wonderful weekend!

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