Login fails with user not found

I have added a new Application with Username-Password-Authentication only (other applications in same account has other types of authentication e.g., facebook ) using Auth0 Database Connection. I have added 3 users with this type of connection.
Problem is only one user from database can login in successfully.
The other uses I can see in the Users list, they are verified and they can change password through password reset email, however, they cannot log in to the Application when trying to do that I can see in the logs:

"error": "access_denied",
  "error_description": "member not found"

Same if I use the “Try Connection” tab for the users only one of the 3 users can successfully login. The others get the error: “member not found”.

It seems any new users I create have the same problem: they have not authorized application, and they do not get possibility to verify use of application, that dialog never pops up on first login, which it did for the first user.

So, how can I make it possible for the users to be able to login to the Application? What is wrong? We cannot have a login solultion where no one can login…

Hi @hatareg21,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you have users who have encountered issues logging in.

After my initial investigation, I could not reproduce your specific error.

In this case, could you please clarify how you added these users? Was it through the Dashboard, Management API, or did the user sign up on your app?

And could you please capture a HAR file of the complete authentication events including the errors?

Thank you.

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Hi Reuben,
Some more details that may be important to the issue:

For the same domain (I was invited to be a tenant) there is an other Application that is using a combination of facebook and the Auth0 database, where users login with their facebook account, but only users in the Auth0 database are allowed. I did not create that application so I do not know much about the details.

I created a new application (supposed to replace the other application) where only the users from the database should be allowed to login.
I set up the new Application Connection to be Username-Password-Authentication and all social buttons are disabled.
However, only one user got the Authorize application dialog at first login. The other new users I added did not get this dialog only a user verifed check, and looking at the Authorized Applications tab for the users who gets the “not found” error they do not have any applications showing up. So, I think the main issue is why doesn’t new users get this authorize application dialog?

I cannot create a HAR file for that application since I moved it to another domain, where problem does not appear. Because of this problem I created a new account with a new domain, where everything is from scratch, and now no problem with adding users, all can login and all get the authorize application dialog.
So, I wonder if there is any setting for the original domain that prevents users from authorizing the domain?