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We are directing the user back to our site as soon as they set their password through the auth0 hosted change password screen and reset password flow.

After the user change his password we want that it will redirect to app site, but instead it goes to auth0 login. How can we skip this process and letting our users to write their password only once in this flow?

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Hi @yonatanb and welcome tho the Auth0 Community!

One useful tool to know your flows using Auth0 is Auth0 Flows. If you check the “Password reset” flow, it ends in confirmation with a login button–this how we authenticate the user again with the new set password and thus generate a new token.

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Jorge Nicolau

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Thanks for you kind response!

I played a little with Auth0 Flows which is great tool to understand how things work in your side.
But still in auth0 reset password flow in our system we are not getting into the stage of the login button that you’ve talked about. Instead, it’s passing us to login page which we need to put user’s credentials again.
There’s something that we miss?

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