Universal Login - Reset Password page for sign-up and forgot-my-password

Hi there!

At the moment we are using heavily customized Universal Login flow pages (login, password reset and MFA) injecting CSS, modified JavaScript, etc., but we decided to check out what Auth0 offers out of the box.

For our application (or all applications in our company using Auth0 actually) we are using the setup as proposed in the docs:

If you want to restrict user signups or create accounts in bulk for your application, your application can provision users with user invitations.

Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

This means that we are generating a random password, create an account for the user with that password and after that initiate the password reset flow.

This results in the user receiving an e-mail (based on Auth0’s Change Password e-mail template) that contains a link to ‘complete the sign-up process’.

After clicking the link in the e-mail, the user is redirected to https://[our-custom-domain]/u/reset-password?ticket=[generated ticketId]#[application’s clientId] and sees the following reset password page.

The problem is that this might be confusing for the end user, since it did not create a password itself, we did that!

The user provides a new password twice and then presses Reset password

He’ll be taken to the Password Changed! page.

Which is nice, but it says Back to [application name]

The user has never even seen that application yet, so there’s not really something to go back to.

So, here’s the problem:

We used to be able to have two different ‘flavors’ of the Password Reset page. One that was used in the sign-up process, the other for when the user was actually trying to change the password (following the I forgot my password flow).

Now it seems the Universal Login offers ‘one single Password Reset’ page. We could Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts, for instance to change the button text Back to [application name] into Go to [application name] but that would apply to ‘both flavors’ of the Reset Password page.

Is that even possible in the Universal Login or do we need to revert to the customized version of the page?

Thanks for your help!

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