How to open Universal Login Page to Forgot Password?

There is a FAQ outlining how to open the new Universal Login Page to the “signup” prompt: How do I redirect users directly to the hosted signup page?

Is there a similar method for opening it to the Password Reset page? I experimented with different screen_hint values but I’m just guessing in the dark.

Hi @pgivens,

There are a few different ways of resetting passwords via the password reset page.

You can send an email directly via the password change endpoint, or you can generate a link to the page via the password ticket endpoint. The ticket gives the power of password reset to whoever holds it, and should be used carefully. The password change endpoint is basically the same as the user clicking the “i forgot my password” link and submitting their email.

Take a look at this doc that explains it all:

There is no way to open directly to the password reset page because the user hasn’t authenticated in any way.

Hi @dan.woda,

Thanks for the quick reply. To clarify, I’m not asking to bring users directly to the screen where they enter their new password. I want to take them to the screen where they enter their email address to receive the verification link. The same screen the user would see if they clicked “Forgot Password” from the login screen (this one: They should not need to be authenticated to get there.

It sounds like we can build our own UI for the user to enter their email and then POST to /dbconnections/change_password easily enough. I was just hoping to take advantage of the UI that already exists in the Universal Login


Thanks for clarifying. I see what you mean.

Yes, you could build out your own UI. If you think this would be a useful feature you can make a feature request here.


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