New Universal Login and Reset Password


We’ve implemented New Universal Login experience and pushed to Production recently.

Wondering if there is any way to directly go to the Reset Password page in the same way we can go directly to Sign Up form by specifying the screen_hint?

I can’t find a way to send a user directly to the reset-password-request prompt.

If you are trying to send a user to the reset-password prompt, you can generate a ticket from the management API that will send them there.

Can you tell us about the use case?

Before migrating to Auth0, we used to have a Reset Password page on our application.

Our customer service often give a direct link to the Reset Password page for customers who need it.
They want the same capability with Auth0.

It’s not really a showstopper, just nice to have.

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Totally makes sense, just wanted to hear more about it!

It looks like it’s not something we offer. You can create a feature request for it here if you’d like.

Okay, will drop a feature request for this then.


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Thanks! Be sure to drop a link here after you create it.

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