Why is the Autorization API so slow?


I have implemented an API endpoint to delete an entity tied to a group in the Auth0 Autorization world.
Here is the workflow:

  1. List all group members
  2. Remove all group members from group (1 call with list of user ids)
  3. For each user
    a. execute autorization policy (https://auth0.com/docs/api/authorization-extension#execute-authorization-policy)
    b. update the user metadata with the authorization policy (through the management API)
  4. Remove group from parent group
  5. Delete group

For a group with a single user, the whole flow takes close to 8 seconds, which I don’t think is really acceptable.

Could someone let me know why the authorization API is so slow, and it response time can be improved, how to do so?

Many thanks!

Hi @william.ollivier,

Welcome back!

Are you still seeing this type of round trip times? I did some testing with postman and was getting faster response times, more in line with our other API services.