Auth extension nested data

I am trying to use the groups/id/nested route in the extension api but it is very slow, 1.5sec +. I only have a few users and a single nested group. Is there any way to speed it up?

I could not fully reproduce this; I say fully, because if it’s the first request done to the Authorization Extension API in a certain period of time then it will indeed have an additional overhead associated with startup of the API itself. The extensions run as a Webtask which imply that they may get recycled according to the established policy, this will include inactivity timeouts.

You could consider trying to deploy the extension to your own infra-structure which will give you complete control of any recycling policies and could remove startup overheads, however, to my knowledge this is not supported so you would be on your own.

Given this is just an overhead on requests that require a full startup and as such not applicable to all requests I would personally just implement the calls to the API with that consideration (that some may a bit longer than the vast majority of them) in mind.

Thanks for taking a look at it, for me it happens with every single nested request not just the first. I had looked into the fact that you can use an s3 bucket instead of webtask but do not see any way to change where it’s stored after i created it.