Authorization Extension Storage Limitation


Similarly to these issues, we have run up against the 500kb webtask storage limit in the authorization extension. We now cannot add any new users or any new roles to any of our existing users without exceeding the storage limit. I tried switching the storage backend to s3 (as described here), but this increased our login time from 3 seconds to 10 seconds (as we were sort of warned), which isn’t acceptable in our eyes.

My questions:

  1. Is there any way of mitigating the performance dropoff caused by switching to s3?
  2. Is there any amount of money that we can pay to increase our webtask storage limit? We are on a free tier now but would be willing to pay quite a lot for this one feature, to be able to avoid having to migrate to one of Auth0’s competitors.

Teddy Ward

Would switching to RBAC Core be an option, which doesn’t have the 500kb limitation?
Or are they any features from the extension that you rely on, that are still missing in RBAC Core?

This is quite promising. We currently assign more than 50 roles to some users, but we could probably rework things here and there to reduce that. Thank you!


Perfect! Let us know if that worked for you!