Authorization 500 KB Limit

Our Auth0 Tenant account is reaching a 500 KB limit on our Auth0 Authorization API data.

What can we do to increase this limit?

![alt text][1]

You can technically overcome the hard limit you mention by configuring the extension to use S3 based storage; see the reference documentation. However, as warned in the docs depending on the volume of data you may experience performance degradation and related issues due to excessively large data sets.

Hi @jmangelo

I too get this warning for my tenant.

Is it possible to increase this storage option for webtask? We’re migrating our internal tools to Auth0. Thus, our auhorisation data is growing and will continue to grow. 500kb doesn’t cut it it seems.

If we do migrate to S3, how big is the data before we experience performance issue? Is there any way to mitigate the performance issue if we move to S3.