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When you use auth0 to authenticate to a WEB API, how do we know how much we consume from the limits. Also if we save the access token and reuse it for all user web api calls, is that billable or not.


Hi @maxplatapp. You can always check your usage, for monthly active users and Machine to Machine access tokens, in the support center, under Reports > Quota Utilization: Auth0 Support Center

Regarding the Machine to Machine tokens, the usage is measured by the amount of issued tokens, not how many times you use each token. So if you issue one access token and the use it several times against your API, it will only be counted as one token. Also, tokens issued for the Auth0 Management API are not counted towards your quota: Do Management API tokens count towards my M2M token quota?


Thanks for sharing that knowledge with the rest of community @ricardo.batista !

Thanks for the clarification.

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