HostingThe Authorization Extension On My Own Server

I’m attempting to host the Authorization extension on my own server. My goal is to keep the fully fledged extension running within Auth0 but also to host my own version with cut down functionality e.g

  • Hide the dashboard link and the config menu
  • Disable any CRUD actions for permissions.

The extension running within the Auth0 environment is using webtask storage.

I need my hosted extension to access the same webtask storage otherwise changes will not be shared.

Is this possible (and if so how do I do it)?

You won’t be able to access the webtask storage associated with the extension as that is private to the webtask running the extension. That extension in particular allows to be configured in a way that the user data (groups, roles, etc) is stored in AWS S3 instead of webtask; S3 being an external storage it could in theory be shared.

However, the above just focus on what could be theoretically possible in terms of sharing the most important data and you would still be left with a lot of work in adapting a paired down version of the extension.

Given the extension supports an API (, would it not be simpler to make your own app that calls into the API?

In addition to that, we are working on having authorization related functionality built-in in the product instead of available as an extension so you may want to check the documentation already available ( in order to better gauge how worthwhile would be this specific endeavour around the extension.

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