Authorization call for a logged in user is extremely slow

We have 2 tenants - one for dev and one for prod.
If I am a logged in user, and I refresh my app, the authorize call on dev takes upwords of 16 seconds, while prod takes ~2 seconds.
How can we debug what’s making the API call so slow in dev?

We use @auth0/auth0-react from our react app to check auth for user on app load - and it makes the app experience extremely slow.

IMO even 2+ seconds is too much and would like to optimize that somehow.

Hey there @sakshi !

I would first check to see if you have any Actions/Rules configured in your dev tenant. 16 seconds seems extreme but I have seen extensibility code slow things down a bit.

I have the same set of actions on my dev and prod tenants.
Perhaps some data is causing one of the actions to slow down.
Does auth0 provide any logs which can be helpful to debug this?