Slow authentication in production


In development, auth0 works great. Generally detects if user is logged in, etc, in <1 sec.
In prod, however, auth0 is extremely slow! It works eventually, but detects whether a user is logged in in ~60s.

There is a console message of: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

And yes, in my dashboard, I’ve allowed callback URLs of both my prod domain and of localhost.

I do have 2 Auth0 applications in my account. 1 of them works great in dev and production. The 2nd is what works great in dev but slow in production.

Any ideas why?

Thanks in advance

Hey there!

That’s totally strange @jon5!

Can you send me your tenant name via private message so we can potentially check what is happening behind the scenes? Thanks!

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Once we figure out what’s the reason behind it, we’ll share it here! Thank you!

Hi there
Same behaviour on my side and not even on production environment.
After calling auth login function it frist of all takes a while until the login window appears and after the callback returns form auth server it takes again a while to redirect from callback to the Application redirect URL.

Thanks for helping.

This issue has been solved. My allowed web origins has not been properly set. Thanks!

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!