Auth0 login is really slow on localhost


I’m getting this response when I try to log in with an email and password.


The Auth0 status page displayed all services are operational.

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Hello! Welcome to our community.

It seems that the error might be coming from a Rule or an error in the script of your Custom Database (if you are using a Custom Database). One of these is timing out because webtask has a timeout of 20 seconds. You should review your scripts.

Thank you!


If you need help in reviewing the script, we are availabe, you can post your script here.

Hi @lucas.sonich, @rashid779939

The problem was caused by a bad rule. Which didn’t invoke the callback(null, user, context) function.

Thanks very much for your advice and support. :grinning:

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Perfect to hear that! Glad you have it working now!

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