Auth0 sandbox custom database not responding

I just tried to test the auth0 create script using custom database.
After a long wait I got “Sandbox error: Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution time”
So I checked for SQL firewall exception, it was fine I have added the IPs
I tried giving logs and viewed it from ’ Real-time Webtask Logs’ extension.
Nothign was displayed there except following 2 lines.

"12:21:24 AM: sandbox runtime ready

12:21:43 AM: finished webtask request"

So, I removed the whole script within and added just console.log(“my message”)

I still got same excceded execution time error and there was not log and the same two lines repeated.

Please help me… I am not sure sure what is happening… and logs are not helping either.

Were you able to solve this issue ? I see many thread on this topic are unanswered.