Slow Authentication and Login

Hello Team,
I have a SPA web app deployed in multiple regions, we are using auth0 login API with email id and password for a user to authenticate and login to the app. Notice that the response time in some regions is good but some regions have a very slow response time in access of 20 secs to login the user.Any suggestion on what can be the issue as it looks region specific for now. Also noticed that the login response time also slowness in login when the app is under stress/load test.


Hi @ptilloo and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :cowboy_hat_face: :tada:

I can’t say for sure why the response times would experience latency, though geographical region as well as what resources were available when you were making authentication calls to Auth0 could be the potential reason behind it. We have this document on Performance Best Practices which should go over some things to look out for when trying to minimize slow response times and general latency.

Hope that resource is useful, have a great rest of your week!