Why does authorise app popup show up in local dev but not on my staging environment?

I’m integrating Lock into my Play/Scala app and using hosted login/signup page.
I’m slightly confused by the difference in behaviour between my local development environment and my staging environment.

I’m using the same account and client for both local development and staging - and I’m signing up users using Auth0’s built in database (database connection).

When signing up via my local development environment (my app running on localhost), after entering their email address and password, the user is prompted along the lines of:

“Hi joe.bloggs@gmail.com, [App Name] is requesting access to your [Account Name] account”

The user can then choose to give permission or not. After that, they are then redirected back to my app.

When signing up via my staging environment, this authorisation popup is NOT appearing, and the user is immediately redirected back to my app after signing in.

I’m wondering if this is something to do with the fact that the account name matches exactly the root domain of my app in staging?

Would be great to understand the reason for this as I’ve struggled to find anything in the documentation to explain it.

The authorize access to prompt or consent prompt is shown if the redirect uri has localhost in it, you can skip that by remapping the somedomain.local (not literally “somedomain”) to in your hosts file. And then using that to test locally.

Excellent. Thank you!