Lock11 Consent Required. Consent can't be skipped on localhost

I have a software platform that will run from localhost on various installations. I am trying to avoid a redirect, or at least catch it as I’m in a single page react application and trying to implement it in the middle of an existing application workflow without any redirect. I’m open to other methods but am currently getting close with Lock11 with option redirect=false. However I am getting the warning: Consent Required. Consent can’t be skipped on localhost. and something went wrong just using sign up or sign in with username / password (not social). What am I missing, will this not be possible on localhost installations (outside of development, as they will be used in production).

I should note with redirect true, things seem to work okay, although it asks for my consent, even though I’m logging in with email / pass not social network. Why? Ideally I would not redirect at all, and just save token data to local storage.

Auth0 doesn’t allow you to skip the consent form on localhost. It’s a safety precaution, as they don’t consider localhost to ever be a verifiable first party application.

You can read more about it here:

Right, but I"m getting an error and not seeing the consent at all if I turn redirect off, I get Consent can’t be skipped on localhost as a console warning, I’m not trying to skip it anywhere to my knowledge.