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Lock in Popup mode and Consent required


I’m using Lock 11.9.0 and following configuration to use Lock in popup mode:
auth0Lock = new Auth0Lock(configuration.clientId, opconfigurationions.domain,
auth: {
redirect: false,
responseType: “token”,
params: {
scope: “openid profile email”,
audience: configuration.audience,
autofocus: true,
languageDictionary: {
title: “”
auth0Lock.on(“authenticated”, onAuthenticated);

But after entering credentials on localhost I’m receiving warning with the message: ‘Consent Required. Consent can’t be skipped on localhost.’
Default /userinfo audience is used.
Allow Skipping User Consent option is disabled.
OIDC Conformant is also disabled.

Is it possible to receive consent dialog in popup mode even on localhost environment?