When should I save user in our external database during automatic user migration?

We are going to be doing automatic user migration as described at Configure Automatic Migration from Your Database | Auth0.

We are using an Auth0 custom database, and we also store user data in a separate relational database.

At which point should we save the user data in our separate relational database? Should we do this in both the Get User and Login action scripts? From my testing, it seems that the pre- and post-user registration scripts are not called when a user is automatically migrated, so that would rule those out if my testing is accurate.

Hi @toanderson,

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To better assist you, could you please clarify why you are storing the user data in two places, namely, the Auth0 Custom DB and the separate relational DB?

And could you please try using a Post-Login Action script to see if that works during your tests?

I look forward to your reply.

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