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Hello, I need to migrate my users from my custom DB to Auth0. I have seen that there is a lot of good documentation about the topic. I am going to use migration as user login since it seems the best one for my case.

Is it possible to achieve that using the developer version? It’s not very clear because in the documentation it mention that custom scripts are only available for enterprise package.

  • Only Developer , Developer Pro , and Enterprise subscription plans include the database migration feature.

  • Only Enterprise subscription plans include the ability to connect to an existing store or database via JavaScript running on Auth0’s servers for every authentication request.

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Hey there @marcoglue and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

You are 100% correct, as you stated it is possible to perform a user migration when using an active Developer subscription. Please let me know if you have any additional questions I can assist with, thanks!

Hello, @James.Morrison thanks for replying. My question was if with Developer subscription I can still use “Login” and “Get User” scripts. To migrate automatically the users from my DB to Auth0 DB.

I just confirmed with our team that you can still leverage the import abilities in developer, developer pro and enterprise subscriptions. These are also detailed in our pricing guide below. I hope this helps shed some light on the subject!

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