Migrating to Auth0 and using current Database without Enterprise Account

Hello, I have a little question, I want to migrate to Auth0 using the “username and password authentication” that Auth0 provides, but I want to use the database I’m using for my application (MongoDB), I’ve found that this is a feature for Enterprise accounts but I’m using the Free one. I could find this tutorial that is for the Free accounts, but I don’t know if this is enough https://auth0.com/docs/users/guides/configure-automatic-migration or maybe I need to have an enterprise account?

What I just need is to Sign in, Sign up, reset email and password and restore the password.

Thank you.


Hello @MontoyaAndres!

Yes, that document is the right path forward. Remember that this will only be sufficient if you want to migrate from your legacy database into Auth0.

However, this feature is only available starting from our Developer plan and it is not necessary to have an Enterprise subscription. If you want to check our plans, you can go to our pricing page.

Let us know if you need further assistance!

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