Migrating users to Auth0 issue

I have some issues migrating users to Auth0.

An external database is being used for user authentication in Auth0, I followed the indications in Configure Automatic Migration from Your Database to migrate the users to auth0. According to the documentation, to verify that the users are already migrated to auth0 they must appear in Dashboard → User Management → Users, or from the management api endpoint.
Once verified that users are in Auth0, I’ve changed the Login and Get User script of the custom Database (Dashboard → Authentication → Database → “username-password-authentication” → Custom Database → Database Action Scripts) so it doesn’t connect to the external database used.

When performing tests with this new configuration, the system does not recognize the user who tries to enter (it marks an email error or incorrect password, even when the email exists and the password correct, to make sure the password used was correct I changed it from the Auth0 user administrator).

The error does not happen if the login and get user scripts are connecting to the external database, then user logs in or the password is changed from auth0 (as if it had not yet been migrated to auth0, but it shows from the Users panel), after that if I change back the scripts so it doesn’t connect to my external database the problem won’t show.

How can I verify that all users are in fact already in auth0 and the connection to the external database is not required? or how to massively migrate users without having them login in one by one?


Hi @xtang,

I understand that you are encountering issues with migrating users into Auth0.

First, to verify whether your users have successfully migrated, you have the option to:

  1. Use the List or search users Management API endpoint.
  2. Go to Auth0 Dashboard > User Management > Users, and review the list of users.

Note that your users are only migrated into Auth0 after successfully logging in the first time. Therefore, I recommend that you “disconnect” your custom database to your legacy database once all your users have migrated.

In this scenario, there are 2 options for importing users in bulk:

  1. User Import-Export Extension
  2. The second method, and preferred method, is to set up a database connection, and import these users via the Auth0 Management API at the /post_users_imports endpoint

In many cases, it is preferred practice to begin a migration using the Automatic Migration, with a cutoff date, at which time a bulk migration can be used to move stragglers. The benefit here is that your end-users who log in regularly during the automatic window will move over seamlessly.

Bulk migration should always be considered as a portion of the migration strategy. However, it’s important to be aware that migrating in bulk will not necessarily be seamless for your end-users. In some cases, they may need to reset their passwords after the migration has taken place.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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