After first time login does Auth0 still connects with Custom database to get any updated user information?

It could possible that the user data in the custom database changes during user migration. How does Auth0 ensure that it always have the updated data?
@dan.woda @James.Morrison Any thoughts?

Hi @mohd.ilyas,

The custom DB feature means that you are using that db as the primary source of user data, we are not storing the users data.

If you are migrating the users to an auth0 db, then the auth0 db is going to the main source of data and you will want to update it there.

Hope this helps!


I agree.

Our use case is like we want to migrate users to Auth0, so for that, we have use the custom database option and we have turned on the “migrate users to Auth0” option.

Now, it is possible some users data who are already migrated to Auth0 might change. If that happens the user data in Auth0 will be obsolete. What option do we have in this case? Also, what happens when we turn on the “sync users attributes on each login” option. My understanding is that this option can only be turned on once we have completed the migration using (“migrate users to Auth0” option) and then we need to turn it off to enable “sync users attributes on each login” option and we do that, on every login, the login script will run and fetch the user profile from the custom database and update the same on Auth0.

Am I correct?

In this scenario you would be migrating users to auth0, then auth0 is the source of truth for that user. They shouldn’t be updating info in the old database after they have been migrated. Are you currently running into issues with this?

Is bulk migration not an option? That could solve this, but will require password resets or hash importing (which I understand is not always ideal).

Let me know.


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