New User Registration with Automatic User Migration

Just wanted to sanity check myself: you can still have new users register even if you are using automatic migration against a legacy user database, is that correct?

I was looking at this flow chart: Import and Export Users. It seemed to indicate that if the user is not in Auth0 or the legacy database, that is a failure. I am assuming this is a different flow altogether than registration but wanted to get a confirmation on that.

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Hi @dbank,

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That is correct! When they register, the Auth0 will check to see if the user exists in the Auth0 DB. If they do not exist, Auth0 will run the Get User script to see if the user exists in the legacy DB. If the Get User script returns a profile, then the user will be migrated to Auth0. If the Get User script returns null then a new user will be created in the Auth0 DB.

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