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We are developing a system for a non-profit organization in Norway. Amongst other things they are renting out cabins by the coast so everyone can enjoy it. They release the cabins in february each year and then up to 12000(max!) user can log in that month, but rest of the year it’s almost no traffic. We only need to use token from auth0. In our db we do have 12000 users, however we now that not all will log in to make a booking, but we do not know which of the users who will log in, so we need to get all into auth0, but in reality only 6-7k will log in. What should we do about this?

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Thanks for sharing your usecase it’s quite unique when it comes to our pricing as you have that period in a year where there is not that much activity from your users. I would reach out to our sales team directly and will see what they will suggest you. Here’s the form that you can use:

Thanks for the quick response. Do you know the responsetime for the sales team? I contacted them couple of days ago but has not heard anything from them, can you help me here?

Sure I can ping them

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