Evaluating Auth0 and wanted some opinions

We have 4 public facing web sites (mostly Rails) and we want to have one login for all. I’d like for us to keep using our own user database and eventually have a user account and management console.

I am evaluating whether we can get up and running fast with Auth0 or writing a custom Rails Auth Server (for Open ID Connect) and manage it ourselves. Can anybody comment with their experience and problems or pitfalls they may have had.


I guess I can’t give you an opinion seeing as I might be biased (Auth0 employee) so will leave that to others. In saying that, you might want to check out our docs on using a custom database connection in Auth0. The advantages of doing this via Auth0 than your own Auth0 server is that you will have access to our Authentication API and Management API, which can speed up the development time of your account management console. You also get features such as password reset etc out of the box. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks much for responding. I’ll take a look at the Management API. Honestly I’m a very surprised that I can’t get a tech guy on a sales call to talk through what we want to do and if you’re product will fill the need, especially when we’re talking over $10,000 a year. Usually that’s when you are treated the best.

@mike I have created a private ticket to answer any questions you might have. Hope this suits,