Current free plan and its limitations


I really needed to jump on board here and ask a couple of questions because I feel I am still missing something about the free plan.
So, would the free plan fit into the following use case?

  • Less than 7000 users
  • One single Social Connection connected to a GSuite enabled for multiple apps
  • One Database-Password authentication enabled for other apps
  • A custom API enabled to use Access Control through Auth0, asymmetric (see next point)
  • Roles and Permissions within Auth0 dashboard (“Authorization Core”, not the extension)

What if at some point we exceed our quota, would we have a time-window to upgrade our plan without been shutdown?


Hi @valerio.battaglia,

EDIT for future users: It is possible for pricing to change, please see our current pricing policy here

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Thanks for reaching out. You may want to setup a meeting to talk to sales (just ping the chat bot on our website, as they have a better look of things in regards to pricing.

I can help confirm some of the points you are asking about in the mean time.

You have access to 7000 active users on the free planned. That is defined as users who cause an authentication event within the month.

You have access to 2 social connections, so this should be fine.

This shouldn’t be a problem.

Should be okay.

I think you will need to upgrade for these requirements.

You won’t be blocked or anything. If I remember correctly a salesperson will contact you to figure out how to move forward.

I would just like to reiterate that sales will have better answers to these questions, and there is no obligation to set up an informational call.

Good luck!


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