Free plan supports 7,000 active users but only 2 can register at a time?

I recently received an email from Auth0 stating that the management API requests for free accounts are now limited to 2 requests per second starting this week.

I’m pretty sure that means that even though the free plan supports 7,000 active users, if we don’t implement complex retry logic in our user registration process, we might end up with failed signup attempts if more than 2 signups come in per second.

This is very concerning to me and I think makes the free plan unusable in production environments. Am I wrong?

The new rate limits are imposed on the Management API, not the Authentication API.

From the Management API docs:

…the Auth0 Management API, which is
meant to be used by back-end servers
or trusted parties performing
administrative tasks. Generally
speaking, anything that can be done
through the Auth0 dashboard (and more)
can also be done through this API.

This API is separate from the publicly
accessible Auth0 Authentication API,
which is meant to be used by
front-ends and untrusted parties.

In short, when users sign up to your application in your application using Lock or Auth0.js, these calls are made to the Authentication API, which will continue behaving as usual.

Interesting. I’ve been using the Management API /api/v2/users to create users from my custom signup form, but it looks like I could use the /dbconnections/signup call instead from the Authentication API. I’ll look into that. Thanks.

@joe2 Did you look into or try that? Auth0: Why would this specific management API endpoint be limited, the management API seems like the natural area for this?