Webtask Suddenly Not Working

Hey there Auth0 community!

I have been using webtask.io extensively for the last several months. It has worked well for me.

Suddenly, today, my endpoints have become unresponsive. They say that a webtask is starting, and then it times out after a minute. No other logs, no errors, just a timeout.

It does this across all of my endopints.

Did I reach a rate limit?


I wanted to reach out @jmofyi and let you know that I am looking into what may be going on. I will keep you posted with what I find. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks. It seems to be working now. Any idea what happened?

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I haven’t heard anything @jmofyi but I will definitely keep this topic open the next two weeks just in case it happens again or if we heard additional feedback from the team.

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