Webtask Suddenly Not Working (again)

Hey there Auth0 community!

I have been using webtask.io extensively for the last several months. It has worked well for me.

Suddenly, today, my endpoints have become unresponsive. They say that a webtask is starting, and then it times out after a minute. No other logs, no errors, just a timeout.

It does this across all of my endpoints.

Is there anyone who can help me out?

This is the webtask URL https://wt-3bb188d4dbc41ff0294125ab2e8d3df1-0.sandbox.auth0-extend.com


Hey there!

Let me reach out to our Extensibility team that is responsible for webtask to see the reason behind it! Could you also send me your tenant name via private message?

Hey there!

Back here. It seems that we had an outage but it’s been resolved now. Everything should be back to normal

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