504 gateway_timeout

GET /api/webtask/wt-xxxx-0?limit=500 returns 504
seems my task had stoped working since yesterday

something wrong with the services now?

Best Regards,


Hi @jameschen.nzwork thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Auth0 community forum! I’m attaching a link to our Auth0 Status Page where you can track these kinds of disruptions.


Are you still returning a 504 error when you hit that endpoint? If so I may need to hear a little bit more about your process and what you job you’re trying to do before I look into some possible next steps.


hi colin,
thanks for your reply. yesterday i could not open https://webtask.io/make and got 504. just tried and i can open my tasks now. seems the service is back now


Hi @jameschen.nzwork,

Happy to hear the service is back and working for you! If you have any further issues don’t hesitate to reach out to the Auth0 community.

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