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I’ve been following the instructions provided in https://webtask.io/docs/custom-domain but I cannot seem to get the custom domain to work. Also, seems like there are other steps missing in the documentation to be able to fully customize the URL including the container name, for which Webtask CLI is needed.

Mainly the issue I’m facing is related to DNS configuration, and the requirement I have is to be able to have a friendly name for my default container similar to api.mydomain.com/container/endpoint.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @leo, welcome back!

Let me look into this and let you know what I find. Thanks!

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Hi @James.Morrison. Any update on this? I’m available to talk via Slack in the Webtask or the Ambassadors instance. Thanks in advance.

Good morning Leo, I apologize for the delay but I haven’t heard anything back yet. As soon as I do I will be sure to share. I’m requesting feedback from a separate team today in hopes of finding out something :+1:

Are you deploying named webtasks?

If by named webtasks you mean using the CLI, no I’m not. Had to use the web editor, otherwise changing the container name and the domain through the CLI would break its access. DNS settings are not clear to make it work.

Waiting on feedback from the team, once I hear something I will relay :+1:

I wanted to follow up on this @leo and confirm this has been successfully been accomplished in the past. You should be able to setup any reverse proxy in front of your webtask.io container using any reverse proxy tool like cloudfront. The reverse proxy basically acts like a legit MITM attack.

Good to know James. Now I just need guidance to accomplish it. Does anyone know how to do it?

We don’t have this documented at this time, but let me see if I can find someone to share a process breakdown on this. Thanks!

Touching base on this @leo, after talking with the team in charge of Webtask.io I was able to confirm that we no longer supporting the Custom Domain aspect Web task. Moving forward we will clean up the docs related to it as well. I apologize for any confusion :confused:

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