Custom domain for delegated admin

I want to share the delegated admin dashboard with external customers. The current url isn’t desirable for that (* )

I’ve considered the following ways to do this, but none of them seem elegant:

  1. Point a cname to the above domain. I don’t think the certs will work because the ssl cert for webtask won’t know I’m using a different domain. Probably a browser error at that point.
  2. Stand up a reverse proxy and terminate my own SSL cert on the proxy. That seems inefficient.
  3. Setup the open source delegated admin project and deploy it using the --host parameter for I’m not sure how I would then setup DNS so that the host points to the right place, or whether using a custom domain is even possible using the --host parameter in this case.

Has anyone thought about this before?

I never seen mentioned this exact same requirement. From a personal opinion, in relation to your options, like you mentioned, option 1. will not work due to certificate mismatch.

From the remaining options, I would go for option 3. because it’s the one where there’s less chance of some last minute bad surprises. The reasoning here is that installing it with --host will either work or not work from the start while the reverse proxy could apparently work, but then fail due to some detail upon further usage of the extension.

The extensions are already running within Webtask so installing it yourself on your own in a Webtask with a custom domain seems feasible (although I never tried the --host parameter). You would probably have to simulate some behavior that you would get automatically when installing as a real extension (for example, there’s code that is called automatically when the extension is installed). However, these automatic hooks are called by HTTP so they would be relatively easier to replicate in your custom install.

Hello all,

Great news! The Delegated Administration Extension now supports Auth0 custom domains. Docsupdates are still in flight, but the extension is live, and you should be able to use the new feature now.

The configuration can be set either through the Auth0 dashboard, or via the AUTH0_CUSTOM_DOMAIN configuration key.

Please let us know about your experiences with the extension! We’re always looking for ways we can further improve.


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