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Auth0 Delegated Administration Extension with Custom Domain



I am using Auth0 Delegated Administration Extension and I need to use this with a custom domain.

I have updated the configuration file under ./server/config.json with "AUTH0_DOMAIN": "".

When run, I am getting below error.

You should not be hitting this endpoint. Make sure to use the code snippets shown in the tutorial or contact for help

What could be the issue?


Probably a silly question but have you set up your custom domain in you tenant settings?


@markd :wave: Yeah, I have setup custom domain and using with my other app (Lock v11 embedded in my application) without any issues.

Issue is with Auth0 Delegated Administration Extension


I’m just making wild guesses here … maybe the DA dashboard doesn’t support custom domains yet? It is not explicitly mentioned in the list of features that support custom domains, though it may be implicitly included in one of the other listed features.

@sandrino-a0 or @Carlos_Mostek may be able to confirm support.


You guys are correct. The backing code is actually there, but there needs to be a way to enable it officially. @markd you should create a ticket and send me the email for it and I’ll forward to the right team.


Ticket opened, email in your inbox.


Any updates on this? @Carlos_Mostek @markd


This item is on the backlog, but currently doesn’t have a delivery date. In the long run, we will likely replace the Delegated Administration Extension with a core feature, so I’m not sure if this will happen before that date or not.


So DA is important enough to be included as a core feature, but in the meantime not important enough to be working?

Can we have a (planned) delivery date for the core feature or for support for custom domains, so I can communicate this constraint to our teams?


@skjolber Sorry for your frustrations. Unfortunately getting custom domains working with the Delegated Administration Extension is in the backlog, but not targeted for a particular release date yet.


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