Auth0 with custom domains

I have enabled custom domain and added into DNS also but how to configure with auth-js sdk? I I am new to this. Please help me.

Hi @deepak.gogia and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :star_struck:

Here’s some documentation on additional configuration needed for Auth0.js and other SDK’s as well as a link special configurations needed when using custom domains

Let me know if those resources are helpful in getting your custom domain up and running!


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Everything is working fine except my website is not working under chrome incognito mode due to 3rd party cookies, so that i have enabled custom domain in auth0 tenant settings and verify through DNS.

In my code, i am using auth0 domain not a custom domain and i didn’t change anything in my code.

Apart from that i did nothing and unable to find any docs.

Whenever i login to my website it takes me to https://auth0-domain/authorize?client_Id=’###’&login_ticket=’###’ and other query parameters.

this happens only in incognito mode. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @deepak.gogia,

To confirm, you need to make the necessary updates to your code to use your new Custom Domain. The links supplied previously should address a majority of situations in which additional config is needed to get Custom Domains working as expected.

When you say not working what does that mean exactly, are there errors or some indication in the developer console of what might be going wrong? Additionally can you send me your tenant in a DM for me to review your setup a bit further?