Custom Domains with auth0-spa-js

The documentation isn’t very clear how to configure the auth0-spa-js app for custom domains. What additional settings do I need to enter?

Hey there @briannmm,

Is this the documentation you are referencing or is it another doc? Is there a specific part . you are stuck on or can share a little bit more about where you are at in the guide? Thanks in advance!

Yes, that was the document but it didn’t refer to the auth0-spa-js package. I have completed steps 1 & 2 but in Step 3 I’m assuming I need to follow the Universal Login section but how to I add the overrides etc. Is there an example of this code?

Yeah at this time we don’t have a direct written example with overrides on auth0-spa-js in the documentation. I will make the request from our team on that and see if we can get that added.

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