Webtasks subdomain is redirecting to the Auth0 custom domain


I’m having an issue where our webtasks.io subdomain is redirecting to our custom domain - this means our DB that was linked up to the webtasks domain (Auth0 Admin Delegate) isn’t linked up as it’s hitting our prod database.

This was working 2 weeks ago and seems to have stopped working around a week ago. We only noticed when sessions expired and the users tried to log back in.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, Is there any info on this and what is happening. If you need more info from me please ask…

We we’re logging in on https://DOMAIN.eu.webtask.io/auth0-delegated-admin/. Now when we go to this domain it redirects to https://DOMAIN.eu.auth0.com/login?state=XXX. So our existing login doesn’t work now. That means we can’t login to the delegated-admin any longer! Does anybody have a fix or workaround for this that we can use. The delegated-admin is setup exactly as per the documentation (v3) and I have checked the settings multiple times against this.


Can anybody help me out here? We still have absolutely no access to the delegated admin dashboard as we previously did. One of the team on the webtasks slack raised an internal ticket for me but I have heard nothing back on this as it’s internal.

Really need to get this back working ASAP, or work out a work around. Any ideas would be welcome.