Custom Domain for SSO Dashboard Extension

I am implementing SSO Dashboard but the URL is crazy long.

I am setting this up for our Staff and long URLs do not make it easy to tell someone how to access the dashboard.

Has anyone implemented some type of shorter URL?


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Hey Todd,

You ever find an answer to this?

I think besides a likely more complex than you would want process of hosting the (extension) application yourself and do some additional configuration I believe at this time there is not alternative to the default URL.

I’ve seen the possibility for simpler URL’s for this extension been discussed internally, but this is just a curiosity because at this time I don’t have exact information on if/how/when that could surface (see post below, this was released faster than I originally thought).

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Hello all,

Great news! The SSO Dashboard Extension now supports Auth0 custom domains. Docs updates are still in flight, but the extension is live, and you should be able to use the new feature now.

The configuration can be set either through the Auth0 dashboard, or via the AUTH0_CUSTOM_DOMAIN configuration key.

Please let us know about your experiences with the extension! We’re always looking for ways we can further improve.



This is awesome! Thanks for the update @Chipadeedoodah!

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Once we set the config key for AUTH0_CUSTOM_DOMAIN to the url of our custom domain. What is the new endpoint we should be reaching? Tried several variations without success.


The CUSTOM_DOMAIN field doesn’t modify to the extension’s url at, but it does change the authorization endpoint for end-users.

When CUSTOM_DOMAIN is not set, users trying to login to the extension are referred to by default. When a custom domain is supplied, the authorization endpoint is available at https://CUSTOM_DOMAIN/login.

We’ll get the docs updated to better reflect how the behavior works.

Does this answer your question? Does the custom domain behavior meet your needs, or do you wish it worked differently?

@Chipadeedoodah ,

Thanks for the update, sorry for the late response. This does answer my question, regarding the authorization endpoint. However, when my users auth they still see, would love for this to be my custom domain. Also, separate feature request: would love to be able to group the apps into different sections that are collapsible. don’t think this is something that is currently possible.

Again, thanks for the help.


While neither of these features is currently planned, I’ve added your two requests to our feature backlog for the SSO Dashboard extension. Appreciate you working with me to make the SSO Dashboard extension better!