Is it possible to configure the SSO dashboard callback url?

The documentation here specifies a list of callback URLs based on your region, are these set in stone? Is it possible to configure these? Thanks in advance

Hi @olivertodhunter,

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I understand you have some questions about configuring the SSO Dashboard Extension.

Unfortunately, the list of Callback URLs provided in the documentation is set in stone and is not configurable.

The extension hosted on the SPA you made must invoke the callback URL provided in the documentation for your region. Otherwise, there may be issues completing the login flow onto the SSO Dashboard Extension.

With that, I recommend using the Callback URL for your tenant’s region, which you can verify by checking on your Auth0 Dashboard Settings. See below for clarity:

I hope this answers your questions!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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Ok, thanks for the quick reply!

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