Callback URL Different from http://{your_domain}/callback

In documentation (Connect Your App to SAML Identity Providers) it says to create a Allowed Callback URL of {https://yourApp/callback}

Is it possible to create a different callback?

Here i am porting with ngrok my localhost, but any other different URL than /callback, when auth0 sends the post request to the callback, says it’s wrong because it’s not /callback

I would like to use my /v2/sso_callback as a callback url

Auth0 requires the callback URL to be set to a specific value (“/callback”) in order to ensure secure and consistent handling of authentication responses. This restriction is in place to prevent potential security vulnerabilities.

However, you can still achieve your desired functionality by using a combination of the allowed callback URL and your application code. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Set the allowed callback URL in the Auth0 Dashboard to https://yourApp/callback.
  2. In your application code, create a route or endpoint at /callback that handles the callback request from Auth0.
  3. Inside the /callback route, extract the necessary information from the request and then redirect or forward the request to your desired endpoint (/v2/sso_callback in your case).

By following this approach, you can ensure that the callback URL adheres to Auth0’s requirements while still achieving the desired behavior of redirecting to your custom endpoint.