Auth0 post request to /callback url

I created a saml enterprise connection with auth0 application
When configuring the auth0 application, it asks for a callback url (in the documentation they suggest localhost:3000)

I have an application with my backend being served in port 3000 and frontend being served in port 3001.

Reading the documentation, looks like this callback url needs to be a frontend url, but setting something like this, auth0 try to make a POST request to my frontend (which it cant)

Trying to set my backend url and create a post /callback route, i have a behavior where it executes the post method, but req.oidc is always null, even in the portal try session, it says my login was successful

How should this flow be done? Set a backend url as allowed callback, then redirects to my frontend route?

Hi @rafael4,

You shouldn’t be getting a POST request to your frontend app. I’m curious if there’s been a misconfiguration.

To confirm, you are setting up Auth0 as a SAML service provider and have a third party SAML IdP?

Have you looked at any of our quickstarts? Usually all of the request and callback are handled by our SDKs and you shouldn’t have to manually configure the request handlers.