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SSO Dashboard doesn't work for users



I’ve followed the instructions on setting up an SSO dashboard repeatedly after deleting and recreating it 5 times and it doesn’t work for users attempting to access the sso dashboard.

When regular users (not admins) try signing in, it shows a blank page after logging in at a query url of[accesstoken]&scope=openid%20email&token_type=Bearer&state=applications.

According to the logs, a successful login is made to the client however a blank page is rendered to the user only. Administrators can use the SSO dashboard without any problem.


Are you still seeing this issue?


I’m also having issues only with endusers and the SSO Dashboard extension. They are able to log in but they see the following error:

I believe this could be corrected in this commit in v2.0 of the extension:

But it seems the Auth0 extension is using v1.1 still. How can we have the extension run v2.0 instead of v1.1?