We could not reach the server. error when using email / password authentication


I’ve been using Auth0 for more than a year now for my hobby website, and recently, email / password authentication has broken with the error message “We could not reach the server. Please check your connection and try again.”.

No changes have been made, and social auths are working as intended. I’m using free plan, Angular 2.4.6 and lock v10.7.3. Has some kind of support been dropped recently for these older versions?

Signup works, login does not. Last successful email / pw login was 2 months ago.

Is there anything I miss, please? Is there anything I can provide you with? Standard auth0 logs are not created because as it says, it can’t even reach the server.

In the browser, network tab only shows a HTTP OPTIONS call to https://[tenant].auth0.com/usernamepassword/login resulting HTTP 200 with and empty response.

Thanks for your help.

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To start with, we recommend at least upgrading to Lock v11. In addition, it would be good to see your login code, with sensitive information removed.

Thanks for your response. I’ll try updating lock to version v11, and will post my login code in the weekend if it does not resolve the issue.

:wave: @Hajozsef were you able to resolve your issue ?

Thanks for your support guys, the issue has been resolved by updating to lock v11.

I appreciate your help a lot!

Kindest Regards,

Jozsef Halmi

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